One meter sunshine warming of three inches


this comforting bo bun dish

European lamb has been a classic staple ingredient for generations and is found in many of our favourite autumnal dishes due to its rich, succulent flavour and the availability of a wide range of versatile cuts at supermarkets and local butchers alike.

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Historically reserved for special occasion meals only, lamb is making a comeback as a star on the dinner table throughout the week. By incorporating quality lamb mince, shoulder joints, or even quick-and-easy stir fry strips or cubes from a leg of lamb, home cooks can add a depth of flavour to their favourite tried and tested dishes while also supporting local farmers.

EU emphasizes on sheep farming and aims to produce premium European Lamb using Irish farming. For EU lamb sector, striving for high quality assurance is the key to break out of the competition in international suppliers.

Filled with natural flavour, lamb lends itself to a wide range of preparations, from a simple, lightly-seasoned roast prepared in a ‘low and slow’ method to show off its rich flavour to ethnic-inspired twists featuring Moroccan and Asian spices.

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For a twist on the classic one-bowl meal, this bo bun style lamb dish incorporates a popular Asian street food trend into a winter warmer using wholesome lamb as the star protein and combining nourishing fresh vegetables and flavours of the East including soy, garlic and lemongrass.

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We all know there’s nothing better in the winter months than curling up on the sofa with a nourishing meal and taking in the latest prime time drama, and this meal offers the perfect companion to liven up your taste buds on even the dullest nights. Be sure to make a bit extra for a midday pick-me-up at lunchtime the next day.

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One meter sunshine warming of three inches
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