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In daily life, in order to save

In daily life, in order to save time, many people will eat and eat quickly, especially the high examinees who race against the clock to learn. I will attend the college entrance examination in a month, some with parents in order not to delay the time, have to get prepared dinner at the school gate, the children from school was squatted on the ground to solve the dinner at the school gate. In fact, squatting on the ground eating, eating too fast and so on bad eating habits are not conducive to good health.

Have a meal

The six dangers of eating too fast.

1. Indigestion

Eating too fast will lead to appear the phenomenon of indigestion, due to eating too fast, so cause gastric secretion of digestive juice can be collected, which can lead to accumulation of food in the stomach, causing indigestion. In particular, if you eat too fast during dinner, you will have a certain effect on sleep. Indigestion can cause abdominal pain or insomnia.

Eating slowly is better for our gut.

2. Easily lead to obesity.

Eating too fast will unconsciously eat a lot of food, especially in the dinner while watching TV or playing mobile phone, so will lead to eat too much food, resulting in the occurrence of obesity. The root cause of obesity in many obese people is the speed at which they eat. So for people, to have a slim figure, be sure to develop a good habit of eating slowly, and avoid the obesity caused by eating too fast. After all, it takes time for the brain's feeding center to feel full. A small number of small molecules are digested in the mouth and stomach, and these small molecules control what people eat. Eating too fast can affect the production of these molecules, leading to constant eating, which leads to excessive eating and obesity.

3. Food nutrition cannot be absorbed.

As you can imagine, for coarse grains and refined grains, refined grains will eat faster, while coarse grains will be slower. For refined grains, the nutrient content is far less than that of coarse grains. And this is the same with people eating fast and slow, if can eat slowly, then the food nutrition will be gradually absorbed. However, the fast food can not absorb nutrients, leading to the excretion of nutrition with the excrement.

4. The incidence of chronic diseases.

For refined grains, if you eat fast, you'll increase your blood sugar levels. It can also lead to increased insulin pressure in the body. In this way, diabetes can be formed, and the control of blood lipids and blood pressure can be difficult, which can lead to the occurrence of various cerebrovascular diseases.

5. Increased incidence of cancer.

Chewing food in the mouth is not for the sake of swallowing, but it has some substantial meaning. That is, the ability to chew through saliva and make poisonous and harmful substances gradually disappear. Reduce the incidence of cancer. For refined grains, it is difficult to promote carcinogens in life. Naturally, the incidence of cancer rises.

6. Cause intestinal diseases.

If you eat too fast, you will have a certain effect on your stomach. Over time, it will lead to diseases of the digestive tract, so pay attention to the diet, not too fast, so as to avoid the occurrence of intestinal diseases.

The parents of the examinee should grasp these principles.

1. The food is varied and the grains are mainly grains.

Eat more fruits, vegetables and potatoes;

3. Regularly eat fish, poultry, eggs and lean meat, and eat less fat and meat oil;

4. Regular consumption of milk, beans and products;

5. Physical activity and balance of food, that is, according to physical activity to arrange food intake;

Eat more light and less salty foods; And eat clean, undecaying food.

In the end, I remind the students and parents of the high school students and parents to learn the precious time and to form a good eating habit, otherwise it will cause a series of physical discomfort. The body is to prepare for the test of the money, to ensure the health of the body, to ensure the high quality and efficient review preparation time, to achieve good results in the final exam.

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