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Try to be a many-sided personality
Attractive, interesting and womanly ladies are always open to change and believe that their abilities are limitless. Every woman is beautiful, unique and many-sided like a diamond. If you want to attract manly men and become more feminine, you should be ready to act like an actress, mom, wife, daughter or sister in various life situations and develop the skill of redirecting attention from one thing to another.

This skill will give you an opportunity to forget about your problems and make you smile, as if everything is wonderful, even if it’s not. Manly men adore positive ladies who can control their emotions and remain feminine, no matter what happens in their lives. Such women are doomed to happiness, because their femininity boosts the self-esteem of their men.

Keep your house and mind clean
Your house isn’t just a building or a place you’re living in, but a strong energy center. There’s a powerful energetic connection between you and your home. You’ll never reach a desirable level of femininity, if your home is messy and uncomfortable, because you’re a woman and guardian of the hearth. It’s not necessary to spend twenty four hours a day cleaning the house, but cleanliness and coziness are women’s moral obligations.

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