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Online Meeting

If you are a part of a company with employees in different branches all over the globe, then every now and then you will need a service that will help you connect with the members of your team, for an online meeting, to share some documents, to take quick decisions on important matters, and so on. Though there are many online meeting solutions available for the purpose, not all of them are equal and not all of them serve what they promise. So, to help you have the best experience and enjoy the best services, given below is a list of the top 5 professional online meeting solutions you can choose from.

1. ezTalks

The best online meeting tool that you can ever find is ezTalks. Its ever-growing list of satisfied customers clearly reflects the amazing services and features it offers. Hosting online meetings could never be as seamless and as easy as ezTalks has made it. Its free version itself has a list of amazing features to offer, including the freedom to add up to 100 members, HD video, HD audio, unlimited number of meeting, recording and playback, desktop and application sharing, private and group chat, and a lot more. You also have two other paid plans and their list of helpful features to choose from. ezTalks offers huddle room, medium meeting room, large meeting room and more to make sure your online meeting is as effective, and as hassle-free, as is possible.

2. Cisco WebEx

WebEx is quite a commonly used and popular meeting solution in the market. It has an impressive customer portfolio, and they have quite an easy to use online meeting service. You just need to install WebEx plugin on your desktop and then join or host meetings, and just with a few clicks, you will be ready to work with your team, pass around the "presenter" role when needed, share screens, or even chat with your teammates face-to-face. WebEx also integrates with apps right on your desktop, so you can plan an appointment, add a meeting, email your attendees about the meeting, start a meeting, or even join online meeting from your tablet and mobile. WebEx has quite a few plans for large and small businesses and individuals offering various features to match your requirements. But one thing you need to remember is that these features will not come at a very cheap rate.

3. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is another online meeting solution used by enterprises and individuals to collaborate on documents, host online meetings, and also share desktops with teammates. This service offers a lot of enterprise features like HD video conferencing, desktop sharing, and also mobile apps using which you can attend meetings on your android or iOS device. You can install GoToMeeting on your PC or MAC to start meetings just with one click, or you may even plan your meetings meticulously and share the information only with those you wish to invite. Your attendees will have to install a plug-in to join your meeting, which is just a onetime affair. After that, they can join the meeting just by a single click.

3 Professional Online Meeting Solutions That You N
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Online Learning

The e-learning market is growing at a good rate. In fact, according to the latest surveys, the e-learning market is expected to grow more than 5-6% from 2016 to 2023. So, it is not a surprise that most people are either publishing or selling courses online or taking the online courses to learn about a particular subject matter.

Thus, comes the requirement of best online learning platforms where both the parties can provide and receive the information/course online without any kind of hassle. Luckily, there are many different learning platforms that are known for providing the best kind of support possible.

Here, for your convenience, 10 of best online learning platforms have been mentioned next. So to know about them, do read on:

1. Teachable

The best thing about Teachable is the fact that there are around 20000 active courses which are taken by around 3 million students. So, there is no doubt that this particular platform is indeed a great online learning platform. In this platform one can host course and at the same time control the branding, pricing and student data. It is both a free and paid platform.


2. ezTalks Meetings

With options like availability of both group and private chat, advantages that come with using co-annotation and whiteboard, hosting a conference/webinar up to 100 students for free, screen sharing and also recording and playback options, it is no surprise that ezTalks Meetings is a favorite online learning platform for many.


3. Articulate Storyline 360

The best thing about this learning platform is that a student can interact with the course via dragging, swiping, zooming and pinching the screen of the smartphone while the e-learning process is taking place. This enables the student to learn better and faster and on-the-go, making it a user-friendly platform as well.

articulate storyline 360

4. Skillshare

In this platform, the instructors will be given tools to create courses (including video lessons and class project). The classes are pre-recorded and self-paced 10 to 25 minutes long videos, so the students can get all the information needed in just a few minutes. Usually, $1-2 as enrollment fee needs to be paid; but once enrolled they can enjoy the advantage that comes with 25 learners in the class, earning money via royalty pool and “Skillshare’s Partner Program”.


5. Academy of Mine

This one is one of the best online learning programs and platforms for sure. The students are provided with the option to choose between 2 modules which are different from one another. These two modules are the online academy and a virtual classroom. Teachers enjoy the drag and drop templates provided which saves them time.

5 Best Online Learning Platforms of 2017
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video conferencing

How to choose video conferencing products and serv

As we all know, many domestic providers of video conferencing services, huge differences between each other, the network video conferencing products are numerous. How to choose the most suitable video conferencing product from many products? It is suggested that you analyze your requirements for video conferencing in detail, and fully understand their needs and product features, and then make the right choice to meet their own needs. In addition, we propose four basic elements for your reference.
Research their own meeting needs:
Many users in the choice of procurement network video conferencing, do not understand the choice of network video conferencing standards, basically only by virtue of the advertising information and sales staff to obtain access to information. This unequal way of information communication, many users not only waste a lot of cost and time, but also can not get good service. Therefore, to select a good video conferencing products, we must first understand their own video conferencing needs, whether it needs to meet anytime, anywhere; audio and video quality is clear and clear; whether the high quality of service and stability; meeting the security of the service can be guaranteed .
Choose a good video conferencing products:
After fully understanding their own needs, choosing a good video conferencing product is the basic guarantee for the security and stability of conference services. According to the survey conducted by independent research institutes specializing in conference services in the United States, there are three aspects of a good online video conferencing product: product quality and stability, ease of use, and price. Each selection condition has multiple considerations.
Product quality and stability are based primarily on the manufacturer's network and product resources in China. Good voice, video, sharing quality and server deployment and professional network has a very crucial relationship. The complete technical support staff is to ensure the smooth progress of the meeting to ensure that the meeting can be properly managed; in consideration of the ease of meeting products should include voice communication IP phone and mobile phone combination, video conferencing and monitoring functions Integration, to facilitate more colleagues more convenient to understand the use of methods and efficient work; In addition, the user with different video conferencing product providers bargaining, due to more invisible costs, so be sure to get all the quotations, including system debugging And installation costs must be clear.
Comprehensive measure of service quality:
Most online video conferencing can be easily held, but incidents of conference disruption due to network instability, audio quality, user usage, and other causes have taken place. In an online video conference, a 7x24-hour after-sales hotline can help attendees shield Or eliminate potential problems that may occur, to ensure smooth meeting. Being able to communicate in a language familiar to the attendees, finding problems immediately and resolving them immediately is a key factor in assessing the level of service offered by an online videoconferencing provider.
Good conference management:
High-quality hardware and network infrastructure are the basic requirements for delivering robust, easy-to-use services that are not enough. A complete video conference should also include the conference management platform and additional features such as conference recording, audio processing and other functions, but also should be compatible with other brands of video conferencing and other functions to help users of the meeting can be richer, better results, held A wider range of user-friendly and more efficient work.

How to choose video conferencing products and serv
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video conferencing

ezTalks video conferencing system to promote educa

In the 21st century, we have entered a new era of education informationization and also entered a knowledge-based society. China's education is facing a profound reform, the innovation of educational means, the improvement of educational resources, the upgrading of educational content and so on. However, under such circumstances, there is still a huge difference in the education level between urban and rural areas in our country. Many rural areas in remote areas have difficulty in schooling.
Distance education is a rapid development under such a system. It provides a brand new solution to enhance teaching efficiency, strengthen teachers 'capabilities, open up students' horizons and solve the problem of uneven development of regional education. Video conferencing system for the development of distance education platform for the realization of its people in different regions, can be in the same space to meet and collaborate, this feature advantage and distance education needs coincide.
Video conference system provides a new platform for teachers and students in different regions, cultures and education levels to swiftly exchange, collide and innovate. The classes or activities spread all over the country and overseas can be carried out in a synchronized and orderly manner in a virtual space. Through a variety of distance learning activities, so that students broaden their horizons, teachers are more advanced concepts, teaching more diverse forms.
ezTalks launches a distance education solution based on its vast experience in the area of ​​remote audio and video to create a new interactive teaching classroom. To enable students in different regions to enjoy the same education, to help them access to the distance learning platform from any terminal at anytime, anywhere, to independently learn any course and enjoy the face-to-face interactive teaching experience.
Especially in remote areas of basic education building, economic level settled, traffic congestion, the network environment is poor, the use of ezTalks interactive teaching solutions can improve their teaching quality: First, ezTalks hardware and software products at affordable, cost-effective , Which can greatly save money for local educational institutions. Secondly, the ezTalks system platform network has strong adaptability and can run smoothly under multiple and complicated network conditions. Thirdly, ezTalks has rich experience in education and has already served 100 primary and secondary schools and educational institutions.

ezTalks video conferencing system to promote educa
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Best Worker Training

Training new employees is really a task that each company has to undergo sooner or later, and can frequently never stop because they grow bigger along with other employees leave, retire, and so forth. Therefore, understanding of methods to correctly train employees is vital to understand. This short article outlines some suggestions on the right way for training employees effectively, along with the different ways readily available for doing this.

effective worker training

Part 1. Helpful Strategies for Training Employees Effectively

When working with staff and employees, the initial step would be to identify an objective. It is important to understand what the goal happens when training - what you would like from your staff.

Another essential factor to notice is the fact that training employees isn't an encumbrance on the organization, and even though it costs for the short term, it'll always repay to possess experienced employees within the lengthy term. When performing the particular training, have a fair agenda for the trainees. Don’t leave them a lot time they lag behind, but permit them to work on their very own pace whenever possible. It'll have a far greater effect on them.

Additionally, make certain working out is interactive. Understanding is basically useless without action (and the other way round). Provide them with activities, quizzes, hands-on examples, and so forth. It will likewise provide them with a lot more experience for that real job over a standard blackboard-classroom setting.

These are merely some suggestions for effective worker training inside an organization.

Part 2. Effective Training Techniques for workers

With today’s technology, there are lots of effective training techniques for workers. Before discussing these different ways, however, you should observe that different employees may have different learning styles. Many will learn better through visual techniques, some keep the material better through listening, while some are kinetic learners - they learn best via interactive means. Keeping this in your mind and offering several different ways to understand will far better guarantee effective staff training.

1. The best may be the classical way, in design for a classroom.

This method continues to be probably the most popular methods to train employees. It is possible in 2 ways inside a real classroom or perhaps in an online classroom. All of them get their benefits and drawbacks. When it comes to physical classroom style, it's much simpler to guarantee the students are learning correctly, and far simpler to have interaction with one another. However, when the trainees are not able to achieve the position of the class, it's very hard to allow them to constitute individuals lost hrs. Inside a virtual classroom, this issue is non-existent, and also the only requirement would be that the students have time for that class. An online classroom can be created via a interactive video application for example ezTalks Cloud Meeting. So, whether an actual classroom or perhaps a video conference classroom can be used, it's frequently the general smartest choice for effective training and development, because the trainees can inquire, do activities supplied by the trainer, improvise and exceed the bare amount succumbed the program, etc.

2. An alternative choice is to utilize web based classes.

This can be different from getting online classrooms, for the reason that there's no real teacher. The trainees are self-trained rather. Even though it may appear as an inferior option initially, there are many advantages to it. To begin with, they could train in their own pace. This guarantees they comprehend the material. When they don’t, re-studying the details are much simpler with internet courses. Although there's no trainer to directly inquire real-time, it's not a hard task to give them an e-mail or some kind of contact to assist them to with any difficulties they encounter. Additionally to web based classes, there are many other computer-based training techniques available for sale one very notable example is using VR (Virtual Reality) to immerse the workers right into a virtual situation much like one that could be experienced within the real job.

3. The 3rd technique is introducing employees to real-existence examples.

Probably the most important stages in training employees effectively is presenting these to real-existence types of what they'll be dealing with after they begin the particular job. This can be employed in a couple of various ways. Sometimes, if it's safe to do this and when sufficient previous training continues to be done, the worker will be presented the task underneath the supervision of the coach. The task of the coach would be to supervise to make sure that the task has been done correctly. He/She'll also give advice at work, and the atmosphere safe for that student when the job involves harmful aspects. Many on-field jobs have this kind of training, provided after roughly a couple of days of coaching from the worksite. When supplying effective worker training, getting this kind is essential-have for just about any company.


Overall, these 3 types of training would be the staple for contemporary-day effective worker training techniques. Getting training has tremendous results on the company far outweighing the potential price of it, along with a company with poor training techniques will likely convey more poorly skilled employees than the usual company who takes time to coach its employees.

The Very Best Worker Training Tips and techniques
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