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Videoconferencing makes companies become more eco-sustainable

Environmental disasters, ecological problems, and greenhouse effect remind us that we must try to preserve our future. Many companies have decided to be more environmentally friendly, helping to minimize the environmental impact of global warming, greenhouse gases, and populations increasingly focusing on luxury and the health of the planet.

Everyone – from individual to international society – can have an impact on the future of our planet. Fortunately, companies do not have to sacrifice efficiency in the name of eco-sustainability. In fact, they can make the planet greener and healthier, saving time and money at the same time.

Secure video conferencing for environmentally friendly travel.

Companies must preserve brand loyalty and consumer satisfaction. This also means making the business more environmentally friendly without affecting the budget. Videoconferencing helps to pursue this goal by significantly reducing job transfers, especially for companies with offices or partners located on national and / or international territory.

Video conferencing reduces “green fees”.

Business video conferencing can also help companies reduce so-called “green fees” on environmental pollutants that are placed in the atmosphere, imposed by governments to encourage companies to produce more environmentally friendly and limit the environmental impact of means of transport such as cars , Trains, airplanes.

Video conferencing saves you.

Travel expenses make physical shifts a more expensive solution than videoconferencing, while phone and mail are not equally effective for group work. Including skype for business video conferencing between communication tools, it allows companies to drastically reduce travel expenses.

Videoconferencing helps “green consciousness”.

If your company is developing awareness of environmental impact and wants to reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere while simultaneously saving work travels, videoconferencing offers an immediate solution.


Videoconferencing makes companies become more eco-
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When it comes to organizing online meetings between people in remote locations, many of the modern methodologies are still being used. Telephone operators have been offering teleconferencing services over traditional networks for years, using fixed and mobile phones. With the advent of digital telephony, particularly with the introduction of the Isdn standard, since the 1980s some telecom providers have started offering videoconferencing services, but they have become increasingly costly, less flexible and Of quality not always satisfactory. A step forward, especially at the level of access to videoconferencing, was carried out in the second half of the 1990s with the happy integration of the Internet, the H.264 audio-video compression standard and the marketing of webcams, headphones with Microphone and laptop with video camera. Thanks to the launch of dedicated software, video conferencing on the Web has started to spread, especially in the twelve-year-olds, in corporate offices to organize fast audio-video meetings between people in distant locations: away colleagues, site managers, consultants , Partners and teleworkers. In parallel, some video conferencing companies have begun launching telepresence solutions based on a mix of on-premises technology and outsourcing management and connectivity services. The advantage of these solutions is to allow meetings between remote people, but thanks to large, high-definition screens and high-fidelity audio systems, they almost give the impression that individuals are physically present. Adding functionality such as file sharing and collaborations, telepresence meetings can reach a level of “immersion” that does not disappoint the physical meetings, requiring long organizational times and high cost of travel.

Innovative and immersive virtual meetings

Today, companies have a huge range of choices for organizing remote meetings. Focus on the most immersive and innovative alternatives. Keeping the benefit of Internet telephony or voice chat services, let’s focus on video conferencing, which also allows you to share presentations, text documents, spreadsheets, projects, photos and videos. Again, the chances of choice are different, so it is not possible, before investing, to consider the actual needs of their business as well as the economic availability. You have to move with great intelligence before adopting technologies and services that may not yield a return on investment, disappoint in terms of benefits, and ultimately not be used by your employees.

Two first steps are to decide whether your company can benefit of videoconferencing and to define what kinds of collaborative activities can benefit from this innovation. Not all companies often organize management boards or board meetings with many participants, often resident in remote locations: if you are talking about a company of this type, setting up a telepresence room can be a good choice. At the center there is a large oval table, where the present sit on one side. Remote interlocutor images appear – on a natural scale – on three 55-84-inch Ultra HD HDD monitors, arranged along a curved line. Camcorders, microphones and loudspeakers must be of the highest quality.

In most other cases, it may be sufficient to equip one or more meeting rooms for videoconferencing. If you expect more workgroups to use videoconferencing at the same time, it is better to set up more Virtual Meeting Room (Vmr), perhaps smaller ones. A Vmr usually employs only one medium-sized screen with a good webcam and connected to a computer running a Unified Communications & Collaboration solution. Each Vmr must be assigned a unique Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), which allows them to be connected by users enabled through different device types.

Keep in mind that it increases the percentage of new hires belonging to the Millennials generation so accustomed to the video, and is likely to work in teams, possibly even “virtual”. For this reason, it is desirable to deal with videoconferencing projects, and those responsible for it should consult with both business and HR managers in order to align the choices with the characteristics of the staff that needs to be involved.

Another important nod to melt is whether to make videoconferencing solutions


Videoconferencing solutions for all the needs of c
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Company Communication Apps

Top Five Company Communication Apps

Today, smart phones and web apps have supercharged the company communications thus helping to streamline efforts to improve productivity, efficiency etc. Company communications apps have been developed to help ease internal communication. 

Best Company Communication Apps

Instead of depending on company intranets, companies can take full advantage of several company communication apps designed for communication within the company. There are apps that are available for sending out notifications via phone call or SMS text message, email-style message threads, instant messaging or even video conferencing. The following company communications apps are available on desktop computers and mobile devices.

1. Skype

It is an extremely common company communication app that is widely used in organizations across the globe. It is absolutely free to download from online stores. In order to operate it, users are required to create accounts. It is majorly characterized by high quality video conferencing services. Furthermore, it supports online calls all over the globe. Skype only requires a fast and stable internet connection to operate seamlessly. 

2. ezTalks Meetings

This is among the leading company communication apps that fully supports video conferencing that has close to 500 attendees. It is a company communication app that allows for interactive whiteboard and screen sharing remotely on mobile phones and computers. It is a very powerful company communication app that provides with telemedicine, online training, webinar, high definition video conference and many more. Users of ezTalks Meetings can access audio and video conference on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices. In fact, ezTalks Meetings is a company communication app that is considered to be among the top pioneers of the modern video technology. It provides users with first rate video that is of high quality and therefore acceptable. It is equipped with wireless screen sharing that can be experienced on all operating systems. The benefits of ezTalks Meetings include the following:

a,Fairly easy to join as well as operate.
b,It has very high video resolution of 720p-1080p.
c,It offers users easy meeting management that is inclusive of online meeting recording, online meeting hosting and online meeting scheduling.
d,It has both public and private chat whereby participants can instantly chat.
e,Screen sharing and interactive whiteboard option are all available on this company communication app.

3. Slack 

This is one of the consumer favorites in regard to company communication apps. This is because it allows users to chat and even exchange numerous documents with colleagues, partners, clients etc. 


Top Five Company Communication Apps
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Business Communication Apps

Business communication is very important to operate an organization and communicate with team members effortlessly. Thus, the organization can achieve maximum effectiveness with continuous growth. Here, you can find 5 best business communication apps that can change the direction of communication in your organization.

1. Skype

The popularity of Skype is increasing day by day. Its compact size, easy to use interface and multi device support makes it a unique and an obvious choice for most of the organizations. Skype offers high-resolution video and audio calls with team members around the world at absolutely zero cost. Recently, this app is being used for many business meetings, presentation and interview purposes as well. You can even share any files with your colleagues with this business communication app.

Contacting with your team members is very easy with their Skype IDs. Also, this app offers dial – in numbers for paid membership plan which is an added advantage. The paid subscription plan comes with more numbers of conference ability and screen sharing as well. So, in a nutshell, it’s a perfect solution for all the business communication requirements.

2. ezTalks Meetings

ezTalks Meetings is the best all round business communication app that can be used by any organizations. Featuring a lot of tools and options, this app is well ahead of any other apps around the world. One to one chat as well as group chat with audio and video calls can be done with this app and you can expect only high definition calling quality. In addition, you can host online meetings or conference with this app that lets you add up to 100 people for free. Sharing your screen, any files or location can also be done with ezTalks Meetings.

This business application of communication is really famous for its very easy to use interface and any multi platform support. 

3. Slack

For all your business communication apps, slack is a perfect one. This very easy to use communication app is widely used and popular for its basic user interface. Offering a lot of tools and multiple features, Slack is already appreciated and accepted worldwide. In many areas, this app takes a good advantage from its competitors. The users can interact with others through audio, video conference calls and group chats. Slack even offers you to share your screen with others. So, this is an all in one solution for all your business communication needs. You can find productivity and team management in a single app only on Slack. You must have to subscribe to their premium plans to make full use of this useful app. The premium plan offers group audio and video calls with your team.

4. HipChat

HipChat is one of awesome mobile apps for business communication suitable for any organization. No matter where you are, you can keep connected via this simple yet powerful app with your team. HipChat lets you contact your internal group of colleagues one to one or in the group as well. One of the highlighted features of this app is by using it. You can create separate groups and spaces inside the chatting interface. So, you can segregate the team members as per their role, department or structure. HipChat is also effective in scheduling meetings onlinefor particular departments. Other features like video and audio calls with screen sharing options are also available with a subscription to a nominal plan. Recently, there are some glitches found in HipChat UI and we hope that will be resolved soon.


5 Best Business Communication Apps
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Best Video Call Software

6 Best Video Call Software That Are Worth Trying

With businesses moving their operations abroad, newer connectivity tools are being employed to keep teams connected. One technology that most companies are using today to stay connected is video call technology.

Video call technology has slowly earned its place amongst the best online collaborative tools and for good reasons. The technology gives companies the ability to communicate with staff, clients and partners. Likewise, it allows teams to work together in unanticipated circumstances such as bad weather, delayed flights, etc.

There are many video call software out there, making it difficult to choose the right one. We have rounded up six best video call software to help you narrow down your search.

1. ezTalks Meetings

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is considered as one of the best free video conference call software out there and for good reasons. The software comes with a stunning array of useful features including innovative whiteboard, content sharing and screen sharing, playback and recording, cross platform chat as well as meeting scheduling and re-scheduling. 

eztalks cloud meeting

2. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is an awesome tool that allows team members to seamlessly work together, even when they are miles apart. That software comes with features you would expect in a top video conferencing tool. It is equipped with features like desktop and application sharing, one-click recording, inventive whiteboard as well as playback and recording functionality. 


3. Zoom

Zoom is a video call software that comes with a well-structured range of useful features. The software allows users to chat, record meetings for later playback and share files. Besides, it lets you manage your contacts and invite them to the meeting via a Zoom meeting URL. They can join your live meeting by following the link. 


4. Join.me

Join.me is a video call tool that allows multiple people from different locations to seamlessly connect with each other. The software comes with a wide range of features to make your live meeting experience more streamlined. The tool gives users the ability to share screens, record meetings, add and remove attendees, and more. 


6 Best Video Call Software That Are Worth Trying
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