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Evergreen Webinarを使用してビジネスを強化する方法

いつものWebセミナーアプリの定義に精通していないユーザーのために、本質的には時間の経過とともに常に関連性のあるトピックを網羅したウェビナーです。 急激に消えていく傾向や流行とは異なり、Evergreen Webinarsは状況にかかわらず新鮮なままであり、コンテンツは今後も何度も何度も再利用できます。

ビジネスオーナーとして、効率性を大切にしたいと考えています。いつでもウェブセミナーで何もカバーしていない場合は、いつでもエバーグリーンコンテンツを利用できます。 Evergreen Webinarsを使用して常にゲームの上にとどまるためのヒントを紹介します。

常緑樹ウェビナーを使用する際にまずやりたいことは、常緑樹のウェビナーサービスを選択することです。最高の常緑樹ウェビナーソフトウェアや無料の常緑樹ウェビナーソフトウェアを探している場合でも、最終的には選択肢に落ちる必要があります。理想的なソフトウェアを決定するのは難しいことがありますが、常緑樹ウェブセミナーのベストプラクティスを選ぶためのいくつかの基準があります。まず、ホストとオーディエンスに使いやすいはずです。つまり、使用方法を理解するのに時間がかかりません。参加者は簡単な登録の有無に簡単に参加できます。次に、独自のブランドイメージとウェブセミナーの件名と登録情報を使ってウェブセミナーのブランドを変更することができます。第3に、ライブウェビナーを録画することができます。ライブウェビナーは、今後も常緑のウェビナー向けに何度も再利用でき、他の多くのプラットフォームで視聴者を拡大するのに役立ちます。 ezTalks Webinarはあなたのベストピックでなければなりません。



すべてのタイプがあなたが販売しようとしている製品に合うわけではないので、いくつかの常緑樹ウェビナータイプがあります。最初のタイプは、「How To」ガイドで、人々に即時の結果を作成する方法を教えます。次のタイプは有益であり、知識を共有するために使用されます。最後のタイプは、過去の経験に基づいたアドバイスと、過去に学んだことに基づいたアドバイスです。



すべてのことが言われて、エバーグリーンウェビナーは、上記の6つのヒントが適切に実装されているので、企業がより多くの収入を生み出し、顧客基盤を拡大するのに役立つ非常に効果的なツールです。世界がどのくらい速く変化しているかを考えれば、Evergreen Webinarsを試してみて、新たな機会にあなたのビジネスを開放することは良い考えです。

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dog running

Playing sports to maintain good health is good! Doing it with your dog is better! Whatever your dog's breed, he needs physical activity to avoid the risk of overweight and the health problems that result. In addition, it increases his life expectancy.

But do not do anything. It is advisable to choose exercises adapted to the size, the race, the form and the age of your dog. Another parameter to take into account: check your possibilities in terms of place of residence, availability, physical skills and work habits.

Another advantage, it will consolidate the trust and complicity between you and your dog. So, do not wait any longer!

Some indications before starting

Above all, do not forget to ask your veterinarian for advice before starting a sports activity. It will evaluate if there is no contraindication and will provide you with personalized advice to you and your dog on sports advised or proscribed .

If you start the sport with a puppy , keep it on a leash so that it gradually gets used to the public environment. In general, do not be too demanding on the exercises and especially the jumps, because until the age of 8 or 10 months the joints are still fragile. 

Do not give him his meal just before it is spent and even after (1 hour of beat approximately), at the risk of causing him digestive disorders.

Doing a physical activity with your dog
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vision loss in dogs

Irritable in some dogs, can be treated and curbed in others, the loss of vision is experienced differently from one case to another. Age, diseases and trauma are among the leading causes of weakening of sight in dogs.

As with all living things, vision loss in dogs is a bit like hearing loss . It can be favored by various factors, such as old age , illness or an accident . The first signs of this decline in ocular faculties are not always perceptible. However, it is essential to act early to reduce the impact of this regression by administering the necessary treatments.

In some cases vision loss is an inevitable and irreversible phenomenon , while in others, it is quite possible to solve this problem, at least in part. The causes are varied, as are the methods of care and the expected results.


The cataract appears mainly in the older dog , starting around 7 or 8 years old. It is characterized by the gradual opacification of the lens , this lens to adjust the near and far sight of the dog. When it is caused by the aging of the crystalline lens, it is called senile cataract .

This is a common phenomenon related to age. When it has progressed a great deal, it gives rise to the formation of a white veil on the lens and the pupil. Nevertheless, it is a bluish reflection of the lens that is observed at the beginning of the degeneration. Little by little, the dog will lose his visual abilities , especially in low light. Outside the house where he has his bearings, it displays a hesitant approach and has more and more difficult to avoid some obstacles outside.

It is therefore strongly recommended to take it to the veterinarian so that he can examine it closely and make a first diagnosis, before referring you to another specialist if necessary.

If it is unavoidable in many old dogs, cataract can be treated if it is done soon enough. In most cases, the goal of treatment is to slow the degeneration of the lens by administering specific medications and dietary supplements to the animal.

The surgery can also be considered, but it is ruled out when the dog is too old, because of the risks associated with the anesthesia.

Reasons for vision loss in dogs
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How to choose an automatic dog feeder

Dogs also have their particularities and when choosing a feeder for them you must take into account each of these characteristics so that you select the most appropriate. When it comes to dogs, when buying, you might want to take a look at these aspects that will surely facilitate your purchase by helping you in making an accurate decision.

Wopet Automatic Feeder For Dogs and Cats With HD Camera for Video Recording APP Control V36 - 6 Meal<!--[endif]-->

WOPET Automatic Feeder For Dogs and Cats V36


Kind of food:

At the time of selecting it is essential that you take into account the habits of your dog. If you are breeding it with dry food then a croquette dispenser for dogs is the most appropriate, but if your dog eats wet food you will have to make sure that the chosen feeder works well with this type of food. There are, of course, feeders that store wet food, however, they require ice packs to keep the food refrigerated and prevent it from getting damaged quickly, although they are an option they are not the most appropriate to dispense food for a long time. If your pace of life does not allow you to be at home to feed your pet directly, perhaps the ideal would be to create dry animal habits in the animal, you will be calm and the pet satisfied.

Come and take it:

Even if they are fainting from hunger, there are trained dogs that do not go to look for food if it is not when they hear their owner call them or when they hear the noise of food falling into the bowl. Others even go when they are encouraged with affectionate words, so that, in those cases, it is appropriate that you get a feeder that allows you to record these voice commands that will be activated at the programmed times to pour the food into the feeder.

Pup size

This information is essential when choosing a feeder. If your dog is almost your size when standing on two legs then a sturdy feeder is the option, otherwise, sooner rather than later, you will find it scattered around the house because your "puppy" has wanted an extra sandwich. When it comes to large dogs a strong feeder and reasonable height so that the dog can not easily reach it, is the most acceptable option. Small dogs go with almost any feeder, but if they are naughty make sure that the height of the dispenser will not be reached so easily.


One of the main recommendations of the veterinarian at the time of selecting a feeder is that it has the appropriate height level for the comfortable feeding of your dog, the idea is that the animal takes advantage of most of what is on the plate and eat with comfort, so that the dispenser should not be too low because, while chewing dogs tend to raise your head so you better have a feeder that does not bother or hurt him, also, with a raised bowl the head lifts will be minors because there will be no need for that. A bowl with a certain degree of elevation will make the dog eat more easily and wear less your floors accumulating dirt and bacteria that can then affect the health of the pet.

auto feeder electronic pet feeder pet automatic feeder booster seat for dogs dog feeder timer cat car seat carrier timed automatic dog feeder pet feeder automatic timed feeder for dogs automatic pet feed automatic feeder pet auto feeder dog timer feeder small dog car seat carrier automatic feeder for dogs dog booster seat for car animal feeder with timer dog carrier car seat best pet feeder dog carrier and car seat 2 meal pet feeder top pets automatic pet feeder

automatic dog feeder
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