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Best Meeting Room Equipment Suppliers

Meeting room equipment have a sense of multimodality. This is because they can only be obtained with three separate "models". The models are known as: software, hosting service and appliance. An appliance is not like the online hosted solution as it is offered as "hardware". Meeting room equipment enable the "real-time" sharing of the display screens of computers, personal applications or "web-based" content amongst a number of computers or mobile gadgets. Meeting room equipment serve the purpose of conducting meetings that are live at a specific agreed supplier. Also, it is a platform that offers remote training on several subjects of interest. Presentations can also be carried out by use of the internet.

There are various suppliers of meeting room equipment in the market today. Listed below are five of the best meeting room equipment suppliers around the globe.

ezTalks is a platform that offers quality, professional conferencing services online. It creates the atmosphere required for businesses to have easier video collaboration. Maximizing on quality. Among its features is high definition video and an audio output that is clear. An innovative whiteboard which enables users to highlight, erase unwanted material and draw up ideas. Instant display screen sharing which makes it possible for users to demonstrate their operations in “real-time”. Users can also engage in “cross-platform” chart. This means they can send and receive messages instantly. In case a user wasn’t able to attend to a meeting, ezTalks ability to record and playback makes it possible for the user to revisit the meeting and capture what they missed. On this platform, users are guaranteed of orderliness during a meeting as the platform offers control and management options which include: mute all, lock the meeting, and permit speak and others. Additionally, users can either join or host meetings from any device.

meeting room equipment supplier eztalks

Appear.in is another unique small meeting room equipment supplier. On this platform, users create a room link for example, "appear.in/awesome-cat", then they share the link by use of email or whichever method they would prefer. Then guests begin joining instantly by simply clicking on the received link. This specific meeting room equipment supplier is unique because guests do not need to register in order to join. Users only need to share the room link so as to enable others to join in. Also, it is possible to have up to eight people in a video conversation at once. While presenting something, users can share their screen with others in a meeting. This is the best option for those who wouldn’t like to register to a Skype meeting room equipment supplier and still get the services.

meeting room supplier appearin

Zoom is also one of the best web meeting providers. Zoom boasts of high quality video and audio output. Connection stability is also of high class on this platform. Zoom has also revolutionized web meeting services by introducing screen sharing any applications on iPad/iPhone. Other interesting features on this platform include group chart messaging, integrated meeting room systems, sharing of audio during “screen sharing”, guest recording, and mobile device application screen sharing. Also, this platform offers a monthly plan of $14.99 which is way cheaper than most web meeting providers in the market.

meeting room equipment supplier zoom


Meeting Room Equipment
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Tips for Managing Remote Teams

The advent of Internet technology has made the physical presence irrelevant in workplaces. Remote work is now the rave of the moment because of the many benefits it provides. According to a study by Global Workplace Analytics, a typical business saves about $11 000 per employee per year by allowing them to work from home 50% of the time. There is overall productivity and job satisfaction amongst remote teams. Remote work also enables companies to get access to top talents, no matter where they are located. However, a company cannot reap these benefits of remote work if it does not well in remote team management.

1. Hire the Right People

Hiring the right people is the first step to ensuring your remote team is well managed. You might want to test new hires with short-term jobs before bringing them onboard fully. You should also find out how much time they can spare for work per week. New hires should also be able to work well in teams. You have to be sure you are hiring the right person for your needs.

2. Create A Good Onboarding Process

For managing a remote team, you need to have a good onboarding process that will properly orientate new hires. You need to be sure that new hires are introduced to every member of the team. They must be aware of the company culture, as well as other key information.

3. Set Clearly Defined Work Goals And Objectives

Well-defined goals and objectives need to be set for every employee to ensure a good remore team management. These goals must be geared to towards their team goals. The Overall company goal has to be known by all employees, and every result must align with it. Basically, every employee should know exactly what is required of them, both individually and in a team.

4. Use the Right Remote Team Management Software

For managing teams remotely, it's sensible to have a team management software. ezTalks Cloud Meeting allows remote team to host online meetings very effectively. It guarantees very high audio and video (HD) quality. Transmission is seamless, and there is no chance of technical error.

There is an innovative screen sharing feature and an online whiteboard tool that makes collaboration easier. You can record online meetings for future reference. Arrangement and scheduling of meetings is also made very simple with the ezTalks Cloud Meeting. It works on a wide range of devices, allowing for flexibility. Pricing is also very affordable. There is a free plan that can host up to 100 participants. If your team size is larger, you can upgrade to its pro version that enterprise can host up to 10 000 participants, as well as provide other advanced features.

managing remote teams

5. Organize An Effective Work Plan

This tip for managing a team remotely is to make sure the plan towards actualizing goals and objectives should be well laid out. A proper management of projects has to be implemented. You do not want an employee working one way when the other members of the team are working another way.


Managing Remote Teams
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Combining Web, Video and Audio Conferencing in One

It’s 2015, and business moves faster than ever before. While a fleet of 20,000 jets is constantly crisscrossing the globe, making LA and Tokyo a mere half day away from each other, high-speed Internet means you can communicate instantly with people half a world away.  We’re living, to borrow a line from Shakespeare, in a brave new world—so why is it that so many 21st century companies continue to hold meetings like it’s 1970?share screen


In the past, you either met people in person or resorted to opening up an audio conference and hoped for the best. Today, we have so many more options when it comes to meetings. Video conferencing lets you have more meaningful conversations face to face and adds the ability to screen share so everyone in the meeting can be looking at the same presentation—or any type of data, for that matter—at the same time. There’s an increasing value in being flexible when it comes to hosting meetings, so why stop at audio-only services when you can have so much more?unified communication platforms

You may assume that adding a video option to your audio conferencing system is prohibitively expensive, especially if you’re already invested in separate audio and web conferencing providers. With Lifesize Cloud, everything can be handled in one service to give you high-definition video when you want it and audio-only calling when you need it. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about managing two different, overlapping systems. Not only is this a better experience for all of the users in your organization, it also makes it easy on your IT department—and your bottom line. Throw in native screen-sharing functionality, and you’re getting a 3-in-1 conferencing Swiss Army knife that’s always the right tool for the job.video conferencing software

The solution works just as well for direct two-person conversations as it does for larger 40-site conferences. We also offer local dial-in phone numbers in over 50 countries, so when you need to conduct a larger international call and all of the participants can’t meet on video, you’re covered. People can connect from their meeting room systems, laptops, tablets or mobile phones, giving everyone even greater flexibility in how they host and attend meetings.

If you’re still sticking to the old audio-only model, you run the risk of getting lapped by the competition. People meet in more varied ways than ever before. Shouldn’t you have a conferencing solution designed with that in mind? Download a free trial of Lifesize Cloud and see how the flexibility of an all-in-one web, video and audio conferencing solution can lead to better meetings.voip gateway

Video and Audio Conferencing
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Education and Video Conferencing: Video in the Classroom

With video conferencing, you can bring the world into the classroom. Lifesize is leading the way to a more interconnected learning experience, and our background working with school districts and universities all over the world has helped us tailor our technology to meet the particular needs of educators.  Here are just a few of the many things schools can do with HD video collaboration technology:

Enhance curriculum with virtual field trips. When time or budget issues make physical travel impossible or impractical, video conferencing saves the day. We worked with the Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas to create a special video conferencing field-trip program, and now 5,000 schools across Texas can visit the museum without having to leave town.

Bring experts to the classroom—virtually. Inviting experts into the classroom is a great way to bring meaning to a lesson, but their job requirements and busy schedules often preclude taking too much time out of their busy days.  Luckily, video conferencing eliminates the time and hassle of travel, making it easy to beam subject-matter experts directly into the classroom from anywhere in the world. Using Lifesize video conferencing technology, the Technical University of Munich was able to connect robotics experts with engineering students for an in-depth, two-week workshop. Video conferencing created an opportunity for these two groups to interact that would have otherwise been prohibitively expensive.best voip

Expand access to students in rural communities. In the past, students in sparsely populated rural areas have missed out on many of the opportunities that their urban and suburban peers have taken for granted; when simply busing to school can take hours, it’s no surprise when education takes a back seat to other obligations.  Connecting these rural students via video conferencing—both allowing them to attend school from home and giving them access to field trips and experts they would otherwise never have the opportunity to experience—can dramatically improve the quality of their learning experience, ensuring that their rights to a public education are finally met in practice and not just in theory.conference call in real life

Connect classrooms in different countries and expand students’ worldview. In our increasingly global society, it’s more important than ever for students to have a greater appreciation for the world around them.  With video conferencing, Alief ISD connects its schools with other schools around the globe to cross traditional classroom boundaries and celebrate literacy and reading. Instantly connecting to other classrooms in countries all over the globe puts a face to geographically distant peoples and cultures, preparing students to be citizens and stewards of the more open, more tolerant and more interconnected world of tomorrow.

Record and archive sessions for future playback. Whether a student missed a class due to absence or just wants to go over the content during their study time, Lifesize recording and playback makes it easy to stay on track and reinforces knowledge transfer. This benefit extends beyond just the students. District staff meetings can be held over video to eliminate travel and recorded for anyone unable to participate live.conference call skype

Conduct parent/teacher conferences remotely. Avoid scheduling conflicts by meeting with parents remotely. With tools like guest invites and web apps, parents just need an Internet connection and a webcam in order to dial in to a parent/teacher conference. This method is easier on your schedule and theirs. facetime vs skype

Video Conferencing
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How to Make Meetings More Productive

How much time do you waste in meetings? According to a recent study conducted by Verizon, it might be even more than you think.


Their study found that meetings now take up 37% of the average employee’s workweek—not surprising given that American businesses collectively conduct about 11 million meetings a day. An NPR piece published on January 29, 2015, confirmed these worrisome statistics, citing a Clarizen/Harris Poll survey that found that the average office worker now spends about nine hours every week preparing for and attending meetings—a massive 14% increase since as recently as 2011. To drive the point home, the article quotes business expert Al Pittampalli, who says he sees “not just marathon meetings, but meetings that are done to prepare for meetings, and meetings that are done to prepare for meetings to prepare for meetings. It is a waste of time—it's what I call a weapon of mass interruption.”online white board

But meetings aren’t just annoying; they’re also a huge money suck. The average five-person meeting conducted in person (assuming plane travel for four of the attendees) costs just shy of $5,200. Not traveling for your meeting? It still adds up: the average meeting at a Fortune 500 company shakes out to $527 a throw.

So how do you make meetings more productive and break free from this costly cycle of “mass interruption”? Your start by changing the way you think about meetings. While there’s no silver bullet when it comes fixing the problem, the combination of a few simple changes can work wonders.
Tips and Tricks to a Productive Meeting share screen

Meetings add up. It’s important to remember that meetings come at the opportunity cost of other work. A two-hour meeting attended by 10 people equates to 20 man hours. Make sure that this expenditure is justified.
Preparation is the key to productivity. The Verizon-commissioned study found that there is a direct correlation between meeting productivity and preparation. Aim for fewer but better meetings; the more man hours the meeting coordinator puts in ahead of time, the fewer collective man hours will be wasted at the meeting.voip gateway

Not all meetings are created equally. One-time meetings were deemed to be “very productive” more often than recurring meetings were. While regular meetings are important in keeping the team pointed in the right direction, it’s best to keep them short and to the point. Leave the heavy lifting for specially scheduled, one-off meetings.
Save money with technology. Remember that $5,200 price tag from earlier? Verizon found that video conferencing meetings cost a third of what an in-person meeting did, while being rated by respondents as similarly productive.unified communication platforms

Meetings have a bad rap, and it’s not hard to see why: too often, they’re shambling, unproductive and all too frequent. But by putting more thought into the whys and hows of the meeting itself, and by doing plenty of prep work in advance, you can turn a necessary evil into a genuinely productive (and reasonably pleasant) experience. So go forth, put your newfound skills to work and show your staff what a productive meeting looks like!video conferencing software

online meeting
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