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ezTalks: Difference between Telecommuting and Working from Home

Telecommuting and working from home are terms that cause confusion among many people. While the two might refer to working arrangements in which employees perform work outside the conventional working environment, they actually carry different meanings. The prefix tele basically means distance. Hence the phrase telecommuting means employees work from a distance without having to commute to central place of work. 

Main Difference between Telecommuting and Working from Home:

1. Telecommuting Involves Employees Working For Employers At Home While Work from Home Entails Working as Independent Contractors or Business Owners

Telecommuters are usually employees who work for their current employers without having to visit the work site regularly. Many companies use this mode of working to save money by allowing employees to carry out their duties from home. So long as the job description does not require any special hardware equipment, it can perfectly fit into the telecommuting job bracket.

2. Telecommuters Are Paid a Pre-Determined Salary While People Involved In Work-From-Home Choose Their Own Compensation Rates

If you're working as a telecommuter, you have to adhere to a certain schedule set by your employer. That means you may sometimes be required to be in the central office or on job site at certain times. In addition, the salary you expect at the end of the month is dictated by the employer.

3. Telecommuters Are Usually Given Operating Equipment by Their Employers While People Working From Home Use Their Own Hardware and Software Equipment

4. Rely On Computers and Internet While Work from Home Jobs Often Don't Need Software and Internet Connection

5. Most Companies Adopt Telecommuting as a Cost-Cutting Strategy While Work from Home Is Established On the Principle of Convenience

6. Telecommuters Follow Laid-Down Rules of Work from Employers While People Working From Home Are Mostly Their Own Bosses

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