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ezTalks: Do You Understand Teleconferencing?

Nowadays business is global and no one can stop this trend now. One thing that has emerged and has become tremendously popular is teleconferencing. What is teleconferencing? It has become the future wave, since the majority of people have started to work from home and run own business. Since there are so many diversities in locations, and communication being the most significant thing, so it needs a sophisticated solution. This demand has boosted teleconferencing products to be more available and be more popular.

What Is A Teleconference?

Do you know what does teleconference mean? Teleconferencing definition is basically meeting with telecommunications medium. This is a general term to link people at two or more locations with electronics.

It is a telephone meeting with two participants or more that involves in technology, which is more sophisticated than a two-way simple phone connection. Teleconference at its simplest case, is when an audio conference is done with both or one ends of the conference that shares a speaker phone. The audio teleconferences of today are arranged on dial-up phone lines sometimes and use bridging services to offer necessary equipments for the call.

When there are many more equipments having special arrangements considerably, it is called a video teleconferencing where participants can view motion or still video images of each other. Now the modern technologies have made it possible for teleconference to have every participants appear as if they are present in the same room.

There are different types of teleconferencing and different methods are used in each technology, but some common factors like telecommunication channel, interactive two-way communications, Linking people at multiple locations and dynamic users' active participation always contribute to the teleconference definition.;

Types of Teleconferencing

In the part above, we have introduced you the teleconference definition. In the following part, we'd like to share you the different types of teleconferencing to get you better understood.

Type 1. Video Teleconferencing

There're various video teleconferencing solutions for you to keep communicate and connect with colleagues, customers and others. Among all ezTalks Cloud Meeting stands out. It's versatile and reliable, which provides you with high-definition audio and video, meeting schedulingscreen sharing and content sharing, meeting recording and playback and more to simplify your teleconferencing services.

what is teleconference

Type 2. Audio Teleconferencing

what is teleconferencing

Type 3. Audiographics Teleconferencing

Type 4. Web Teleconferencing;

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