language so uncouth that he


Without saying a word

The Indian stepped back as if struck Conventions in Hong Kong, and his hand, swung clear of the poncho, was lifted over his head as if in menace. Then it dropped and he strode to the door. But before opening it, he turned and spoke rapidly in Quichua, his eyes flaming. Then, throwing his poncho oyer his shoulder, he went out .

Maria-Teresa sat silent for a while, toying with her penci.

What did he say?” asked Dick.

That he was going, and that I should never see him again.”

He looked furious.”

Oh, he is not dangerous. It is a way they have. He says he did everything he could to prevent the trouble.... He is a good man himself, but his gang are hopeless. You have no idea what a nuisance these Indians are. Proud as Lucifer, and as lazy as drones.... I shall never employ another one.”

Wouldn’t that make trouble?”

It might! But what else can I do? I can’t have all my coolies killed off like that.”

And what of Huascar?”

He will do as he pleases.... He was brought up in the place, and was devoted to my mother.”

It must be hard for him to leave .”

I suppose so.”

And you wouldn’t do anything to keep him?”

No.... Goodness, we are forgetting all about your uncle!” She rang, and a man came in. Order the motor.... By the way, what are the Indians doing?”

They’ve left with Huascar.”

All of them?”

Yes, se?orita.”

Without saying a word?”

Not a word, se?orita.”

Who paid them off?”

They refused to take any money. Huascar ordered them to.”

And what of the Island coolies dr ?”

They have not been near the place.”

But the dead man dermes ... and the wounded ?”

The Chinamen take them back to their own quarters.”

Funny people.... Tell them to bring the motor round.”

While speaking she had put on a bonnet, and now drew on her gloves.

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language so uncouth that he
language so uncouth that he
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