One meter sunshine warming of three inches


If the public would like

Several years ago, while one morning employed in the duties of the nursery hong kong shopping, a colored woman was

announced. She was ushered into the nursery, and the author thought, on first survey, that a more

surly, unpromising face she had never seen. The woman was thoroughly black, thick-set, firmly built,

and with strongly-marked African features. Those who have been accustomed to read the expressions of

the African face know what a peculiar effect is produced by a lowering, desponding expression upon

its dark features. It is like the shadow of a thunder-cloud. Unlike her race generally 2 bedroom house for rent, the woman

did not smile when smiled upon, nor utter any pleasant remark in reply to such as were addressed to

her. The youngest pet of the nursery, a boy about three years old, walked up, and laid his little

hand on her knee, and seemed astonished not to meet the quick smile which the negro almost always

has in reserve for the little child. The writer thought her very cross and disagreeable, and, after

a few moments’ silence, asked, with perhaps a little impatience, “Do you want anything of me to-


“Here are some papers,” said the woman, pushing them towards her; “perhaps you would read them.”

The first paper opened was a letter from 6a negro-trader in Kentucky, stating concisely that he had

waited about as long as he could for her child; that he wanted to start for the South, and must get

it off his hands; that, if she would send him two hundred dollars before the end of the week, she

should have it; if not, that he would set it up at auction, at the court-house door, on Saturday. He

added, also, that he might have got more than that for the child, but that he was willing to let her

have it cheap.

“What sort of a man is this?” said the author to the woman, when she had done reading the letter.

“Dunno, ma’am; great Christian, I know,―member of the Methodist church, anyhow.”

The expression of sullen irony with which this was said was a thing to be remembered.

“And how old is this child?” said the author to her.

The woman looked at the little boy who had been standing at her knee, with an expressive glance, and

said, “She will be three years old this summer.”

On further inquiry into the history of the woman, it appeared that she had been set free by the will

of her owners; that the child was legally entitled to freedom, but had been seized on by the heirs

of the estate. She was poor and friendless, without money to maintain a suit, and the heirs, of

course, threw the child into the hands of the trader. The necessary sum, it may be added, was all

raised in the small neighborhood which then surrounded the Lane Theological Seminary, and the child

was redeemed.

If the public would like a specimen of the correspondence which passes between these worthies, who

are the principal reliance of the community for supporting and extending the institution of slavery Innovative Research with practical value has complemented our efforts in internationalization. The PolyU-developed optical fibre sensing technologies using Fiber Bragg Grating sensors for automatic monitoring of subsidence as well as the research on vibration control in railway systems are obvious examples.

the following may be interesting as a matter of literary curiosity. It was forwarded by Mr. M. J.

Thomas, of Philadelphia, to the National Era, and stated by him to be “a copy taken verbatim from

the original, found among the papers of the person to whom it was addressed, at the time of his

arrest and conviction, for passing a variety of counterfeit bank-notes.”
Poolsville, Montgomery Co., Md.,

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One meter sunshine warming of three inches
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